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Exterior Design Companies in UAE

Exterior Design services

Exterior design companies play a crucial role in designing the aesthetics, functionality and overall look and feel of buildings, landscapes, outdoor spaces etc. They combine the visual appeal, cohesive elements and functional aspects of the buildings and design them according to the needs of the building owner, while complying with building regulations. If you see a stunning building with the most awesome architectural facade, you will know that it is the work of talented exterior design companies in Abu Dhabi. They are responsible for considering the different aspects of a building and create a visually striking facade and environment, through gardens, pathways, and other landscaping elements, water features, outdoor seating areas, barbecue areas and so on.

As one of the finest exterior design companies in UAE, our exterior design services cater to the requirements of both commercial and residential buildings. We create fashionable, appealing and affordable designs that will increase the value and usability of your exteriors. Our flawless designs and ideas are a visual treat, and the curb appeal will be lauded by visitors. No matter what kind of designs you need, you can get them all designed and planned by our skilled and intelligent architect and designer team. We have experience in designing for all kinds of environments, commercial, residential buildings, and make them unique and special.

Our Approach to Exterior Design

Our company follows a strategic and comprehensive process that highlights and enhances visual appeal, sustainability and functionality of commercial properties. We focus on creating exterior designs and facades that can portray the brand values of your company, and incorporate elements that will enable people to identify with your brand and company. As one of the best exterior design companies in UAE, we integrate innovative elements and designs to match with the interior design and at the same time, balance aesthetics with sustainability. Once you have a project, our interior designer, engineering and architect team would have an on-site visit and consultation, post which we would discuss the intricacies of the project, and how we can make your building identifiable and different from the rest. Once all your requirements are met, the actual work for the exterior design would begin.

our comprehensive range of exterior design services

Here is an insight into the services that we provide. We have a specialist team that will work on architectural facade design where we will design the exterior walls, windows and doors, etc. with unique features that will be definitive of your business or purpose. We create striking facades that will blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment, while having its own signature and style. Our services also cover the environmental concerns and building regulations mandated by the authorities, and our strategies are meant to reduce carbon footprint. We follow the principles of sustainability while creating “branding for buildings”, and through our visually striking and functional designs we have earned a formidable reputation as one of the best in the field. We liaise with regulatory authorities to obtain the necessary permits for the buildings.

Why Choose Albarka Interior?

Al Barka, one of the best among full service exterior design companies in Abu Dhabi provides high quality exterior design services for both residential and commercial buildings. We have gained an incredible reputation as experts that can convert mundane space into awesome and jaw-dropping powerhouses. Our fool-proof, creative and innovative tactics have earned us many steady and repeat clients over the years. Our experience, skills and knowledge have enabled us to deliver stunning designs within the predetermined budget. Each portfolio and each work that we have showcased on our website is a true representation of our skills, and we invite you to be a part of more. Get in touch with us to know how we can create a brilliant project for you as well.