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Commercial Interior Design Companies UAE

Commercial Interior Design services

The importance of creating functional and aesthetically appealing working spaces and commercial environments are getting stronger by the day. Companies are spending time and effort to make their space unique and special by incorporating and adding elements that will portray your brand identity. Hiring commercial interior design companies Abu Dhabi will help you with each and every aspect of design in your commercial building and their accurate placement, and the ultimate result will boost your brand identity. It will communicate your brand culture and values and you will be able to infuse new levels of creativity that increases the visual appeal and functionality of the space. With a nice and positive design for the offices, it is possible to create a positive work environment that encourages the employees to work productively and reduce turnover.

Whether it is for creating new spaces or renovation of your office buildings, commercial buildings, we have the perfect team for it. Being one of the best commercial interior design companies Abu Dhabi, we follow health and safety laws and building compliance rules and regulations for commercial buildings and build impeccable designs for interiors. Let the workspaces be the perfect braWe aim to create new benchmarks in interior design and create architectural marvels that people will remember and cherish once they visit.

Our seasoned architects and design experts work closely with your business to make unique creations that will bring out the unique elements to personalize and showcase in the buildings that we design. Just by entering your building, people will be able to identify with your brand, and this will be great for promoting your brand. Converting spaces into inspirational settings will make people want to give their best.
and identity, enabling staff and workers to be productive and happy.

Our Commercial Interior Design Service

As one of the best-reviewed commercial interior design companies UAE, our services include personalized designs for complete refurbishments, existing space conversions, renovations, extensions and new building designing. Let us capture your brand values and execute them precisely in the designs that we create. We are fully equipped to design various commercial spaces depending on their application, be it hospitality centers, hotels, malls, retail offices, or any commercial space that you have.

We have an incredible team of hand-picked designers. With their skill, knowledge and merit, they will be able to make optimal use of your space and create an atmosphere of positivity and vitality. We can design according to your theme, or we can help develop a new one and align it with your brand theme to create a perfect representation for your customers.
We have an incredible team of hand-picked designers. With their skill, knowledge and merit, they will be able to make optimal use of your space and create an atmosphere of positivity and vitality in your commercial building. The right choices in design can transform the space into a haven of energy, a space where people love to come and engage. We can design according to your theme, or we can help develop a new one and align it with your brand theme to create a perfect representation for your customers.

Learn more about our services as one of the finest among commercial interior design companies Abu Dhabi by fixing an appointment with us for a meeting. One of our team members will arrive at your place for a consultation, and will explain the working process. Dont let not having the perfect design stand in the way of having your own commercial space or outlet.

Why Choose Albarka Interior?

When you entrust the task of designing your interior space, as one of the best commercial interior design companies UAE, you can be assured of the best services ever, and enjoy full transparency and dedication. Our designers and architects specialize in commercial space interior designing, and with their skill and expertise, you can make your outlet or working space stand out unique and different from your competitors. They are experts at promoting your brand’s theme and ideas through designs, and by cleverly incorporating your brand elements, they will highlight the unique aspects of your brand. You can watch as we roll out innovative styles and designs that will highlight your offerings. And the best part is that, we don’t charge exorbitant rates. Our services are all explained prior to starting the project, and it will all be well within your budget.

Beauty Centers


With our skilled interior design services, we specialize in turning beauty salons into aesthetically beautiful and useful spaces. Having a deep awareness of the particular needs of spas and salons, we concentrate on designing spaces that not only improve the overall aesthetic appeal but also foster a welcoming and upbeat vibe. Our hardworking staff is committed to bringing forth the best in beauty center interiors, from choosing chic and cozy furnishings to perfecting layout designs for maximum functionality. Our customized interior solutions, whether you’re building a new space or remodeling an old one, are designed to improve the client and staff experience by combining style and functionality in a pleasing way.

We also have experience designing clinic rooms that combine a warm, inviting atmosphere with practicality. We concentrate on designing spaces that encourage comfort, effectiveness, and a general sense of well-being since we are aware of the particular requirements placed on healthcare facilities. Our goal is to improve patient experience while making sure that medical staff can function well in the area through careful planning and attention to detail. Our staff is committed to designing clinic interiors that perfectly balance functionality and aesthetics, from choosing sturdy and useful furnishings to streamlining layouts for maximum operational efficiency. Our customized interior solutions are designed to provide a therapeutic and peaceful environment for patients as well as medical personnel, whether you’re opening a new clinic or want to renovate an old one.



Fashion Store


Elevate your retail space with our specialized interior design services tailored for fashion stores. We pride ourselves on creating visually captivating and immersive environments that reflect the unique identity of your brand. From chic boutique settings to expansive flagship stores, our team brings a wealth of experience in transforming spaces into dynamic and on-trend retail experiences. We pay meticulous attention to the display of merchandise, optimizing layouts for a seamless shopping journey, and incorporating design elements that resonate with your brand’s aesthetic. Whether you’re launching a new fashion store or seeking a revitalized look for an existing one, our commitment is to design interiors that not only showcase your products but also enhance the overall shopping experience, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.